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what methods do we employ at iibd

collaborative approach

We believe in partnership. Our method involves close collaboration through workshops, strategic meetings, and ongoing communication. This ensures that the solutions we develop are not only effective but also uniquely suited to your organization’s context.

empathetic listening tours

Listening is at the heart of inclusivity. Our Listening Tours are structured engagements where we immerse ourselves in your organization and its community to hear multiple perspectives on data practices. These tours allow us to gather rich, qualitative insights that inform more empathetic and effective inclusivity strategies. This method is particularly powerful for organizations aiming to truly understand and reflect the needs and experiences of diverse groups they serve or represent.

data storytelling

At IIBD, we believe data has a story to tell. Our Data Storytelling method transforms complex data sets into compelling narratives that everyone can understand and act upon. We craft these stories to highlight trends, uncover disparities, and showcase opportunities for change, making data not only accessible but also persuasive and engaging. This approach is ideal for organizations looking to communicate their impact and drive data-driven decision-making effectively.

ethnographic observation 

Our methodology embraces the art of observation and the science of understanding. To unlock the hidden realities within urban spaces and structurally excluded communities, we employ a dynamic blend of ethnographic observation and in-depth interviews. Like silent witnesses, our researchers become part of the neighborhoods they study. Immerse in daily life, we keenly observe interactions, rituals, and activities within green spaces. This experiential approach reveals the unspoken connections between people and their natural environments.

dynamic adaptive sampling technique (DAST™)

At IIBD, we utilize DAST™ to ensure equitable representation in our surveys. This innovative method dynamically adjusts the sampling frame based on initial data trends to better include underrepresented groups. By responding in real-time to the emerging demographic insights, DAST™ not only enhances the accuracy of our data but also upholds our commitment to inclusivity in research practices.

utilizing cutting-edge tools and techniques

We employ the latest in data science and analytics to provide insights that push the boundaries of what's possible. Our team demystifies complex technologies and makes them accessible, ensuring you can leverage advanced tools to drive inclusivity.


Gamification introduces elements of play to engage users and enhance learning in data practices. At IIBD, we use gamification techniques to make the process of understanding and implementing data inclusivity both fun and impactful. By incorporating challenges, rewards, and interactive elements, we help organizations motivate their teams, boost engagement, and foster a deeper understanding of inclusivity principles in a memorable way.


ImpactReels™ designed by IIBD are a cutting-edge data collection method inspired by the dynamic and engaging nature of platforms like TikTok. This tool modernizes the concept of Photovoice by enabling participants to create short, compelling videos that express their perspectives and experiences with data-related issues. Each reel is a powerful vehicle for voice and visibility, allowing diverse communities to document and share their stories directly. By leveraging this visual and interactive format, IIBD captures authentic insights and highlights the real-world impact of data practices, making complex issues accessible and relatable to a wider audience.

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