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The Intersection of Disaggregated Data and Inclusivity: The Story of Rohit Chowdary at IIBD

Rohit Chowdary's journey at the Inclusivity Institute for Better Data (IIBD) began through the Riipen Advance Ontario program, where he was immediately drawn to the institute's mission of addressing systemic inequities. With a background in technology and management, including a Bachelor's in Technology and a Master's in Business Administration, Rohit understands the importance of inclusivity, especially in diverse environments.

Having worked with a global telecom giant, where he drove the inclusivity program, Rohit's passion for inclusivity led him to become a key member of the blogging team and team developing the Intersectional Language Toolkit at IIBD. Rohit contributes to topics related to inclusivity and disaggregated data. Every day brings new learnings, and Rohit appreciates how IIBD has made complex concepts more accessible. He feels empowered to drive positive change in the world through better data and inclusive practices.

Rohit's dedication to the institute's mission is evident in his work. He is committed to expanding the toolkit's reach and ensuring its relevance across different cultures and languages. His involvement in projects like these highlights his commitment to using data and language as tools for positive change.

As Rohit looks to the future, he envisions a world where inclusivity is the norm, not the exception. His journey at IIBD has been transformative, and he is excited to continue making a difference in the lives of marginalized communities through his work.

In his role, Rohit has penned many topics related to inclusivity and disaggregated data. His quote, "Disaggregated Data isn’t just numbers; it’s stories waiting to be told," encapsulates the essence of his work. Additionally, his contributions to "The Power of Disaggregated Data in Inclusivity Programs" showcase his deep understanding of how data can drive equity and inclusivity. He believes that inclusivity programs are like intricate mosaics, piecing together diverse experiences to create a harmonious whole, and disaggregated data serves as the fine-grained brushstroke that brings depth and vibrancy to this canvas.

Through his work at IIBD, Rohit has demonstrated a keen ability to translate complex ideas into actionable strategies, making him a valuable asset to the institute and the broader community.

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