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Incorporating a Gender Lens in Public Sector Evaluation (Introduction)


3 Weeks





À propos du cours

The imperative to construct equitable and inclusive public services is more pressing than ever. However, to bring about substantial change, we must venture beyond traditional evaluation methodologies that often neglect the gendered realities affecting policy outcomes. The course Incorporating a Gender Lens in Public Sector Evaluation (Introduction) aims to fill this critical gap.

  1. Theoretical Foundation: Equip participants with the conceptual frameworks that underpin gender-sensitive evaluations.

  2. Methodological Rigor: Introduce nuanced methodologies tailored to capture gender-specific data and insights.

  3. Interdisciplinary Approach: Incorporate elements from Public Policy, Gender Studies, and Evaluation Theory to provide a multi-faceted understanding.

Who Should Attend:
  • Public Sector Administrators

  • Evaluation Professionals

  • Gender Equality Advocates

  • Policy Analysts

  • Academics in Public Administration and Gender Studies

Course Highlights:
  • Examination of historical gender biases in public sector evaluation

  • Techniques for disaggregating data by gender

  • Case studies showcasing the transformative impact of gender-sensitive evaluations

By completing this course, participants will gain the skills necessary to implement gender-sensitive evaluations, thereby driving equitable outcomes and contributing to a more just public sector. The course serves as a precursor to more advanced studies and is highly recommended for anyone invested in fostering an inclusive policy landscape.

Votre instructeur

Dara Dillon

Dara Dillon is an acclaimed expert with a unique blend of academic rigor and practical experience in the field of gender-inclusive evaluation and public policy. Holding an advanced degree in Strategic Studies and and MBA in Organizational Development, Dara has over 15 years of experience in conducting equity-based evaluations for various public sector organizations. A frequent speaker at international conferences, Dara is also an esteemed member of several professional associations advocating for gender equity. Known for a teaching philosophy that seamlessly integrates theoretical frameworks with actionable insights, Dara's courses are a compelling blend of academic depth and real-world relevance. Her work has garnered several accolades, underlining her commitment to fostering inclusivity and equitable outcomes in the public sector.

Dara Dillon
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