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Black Renters' Experience

Welcome to the groundbreaking research project Mapping Black Renters in the Greater Toronto Area: Addressing Urban Inequities through Gamification. This initiative aims to shed light on housing disparities faced by black renters in the GTA and explore the intersectionality of race with various socio-economic variables.




Urban Housing

Type of Work


Data Collection and Visualization

Public Consultation

The project aims to provide researchers, academics, policymakers, journalists, and students with a central repository of data that explores the intersectionality of race, class, income, employment, education, immigrant or citizen status, and various urban indicators such as access to transit, public/green space, amenities, schools, daycares, health facilities, community centers, crime rates, and housing characteristics such as landlord type and housing type.

In this exciting phase of our project, we are actively collecting data on mapping Black renters in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and analyzing urban inequities. Our team is diving into diverse data sources, including publicly available datasets, government databases, and academic research, to create a comprehensive Data Hub.

To make the research process interactive and engaging, we have introduced a gamification approach known as the "Housing Equity Quest." Participants, including students and community members, are embarking on an adventurous journey to unveil hidden housing disparities within the GTA.

With avatars, badges, and interactive challenges, data collection and mapping have become an enjoyable and stimulating experience.

The adventure has just begun! Be on the lookout for our upcoming mapathons. These interactive events will bring the community together, fostering knowledge exchange and amplifying the voices of marginalized communities. Brace yourself for exciting revelations as we uncover the GTA's housing landscape.

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